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Stavanger 05.-06. April 2014

Just keep taking chances and having fun. - Garth Brooks

After a few weeks with hardly any training at all, we had our second competition of the year in Stavanger, with judge Morten Holmen from Norway.

We had the entire house filled up with people and ended up with a total 5 adults, 3 kids and 7 dogs. But we managed that as well. There is a norwegian saying that goes: "Der hvor det finnes hjerterom, finnes det alltid husrom.", which translates to: "Where there is room in the heart/hospitality, there is always house room.". Just means that as long as you are social and willing to make friends, there is always room for someone.

Saturday morning started slow. I'm still getting used to the idea of not having to be at the location when the first course walk is, but I managed to calm down and actually eat some breakfast before we left. A positive start for a change.

First run for me on Saturday, was the jumping course. Since the judge did a lot of modifications on his designs, there is no course drawings available, but hopefully you can all see the way of it by the movies.

To continue this blog post, as of today 12.05.15, I really don't remember this competition that well any more, which in turn shows me that it didn't go to well..

Ah well, time heals all wounds, they say!

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  1. Reading you blog resembles me reading positive psychology! Your posts and pictures are very inspiring and cheerful!