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Hey there :)

I am currently a 27 year old man who like to spend my time thinking about agility, family, sports and having a great time.

I currently work for an oil-service company, spending my days looking at equipment and computer systems for dealing with the oil offshore business.

In my spare time I normally spend my days with my lovelly family, consisting of the wife (of course), twin boys at the age of three years, and two Schipperke-female from the lovelly breeders Carola & Risto Ojanperä & Johanna Stolt. Check out their website, www.coros.fi.

We have our own breeding name; Ikoria, but we haven't had any litters yet. Hopefully we will manage to get our oldest female with puppies winter 2013/2014. We'll see how things turn out.

Check out our webpage at www.ikoria.net.

We started with agility the summer of 2008, with borrowed dogs. Actually it was Elisabeth (wife) who went on the course and I was just a spectator. Luckily we had two dogs, so we both could start at the same time. We were both bitten by the bug, but we always had to keep in mind that we competed with someone elses dogs. This made us look for our own line that we wanted to continue with.

The winter of 2010 I travelled to Finland to pick up our first female, Coros Miracle (Leija in common day). It happened to fall on the worst snow storm of a century in Finland, and Leija was able to get in some serious social training after being stuck at the airport in Helsinki and Oslo for over nine (9) hours.

We started our agility career as a team the spring of 2011. We were both hooked and Leija was something out of the ordinary. With a speed and drive beyond anything I've encountered, we had our challenges set for us. After spending a better part of two years getting our cooperation together, we've finally started to stabilise our runs, making it in to grade 2 in the first three competitions of 2013.
Picture by: Åsta Viksøy
The future for Leija and me will be to work our way up the system, and then hopefully we can try out for the national team and show the world that we will have fun, no matter what the stakes.

Keep reading the blog and follow our progress. We'll talk again :)


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